Just like in Mexico, every day fresh tortillas you can find only in La Tortilleria

Our fresh corn tortillas are produced every day, to make the perfect taco, enchiladas, flautas and chilaquiles. We bring them to your home, fresh made.


Make wheat tortillas great again!

Our flour tortillas are like the originals from northern Mexico: soft, tasty and pliable, ready to prepare burritos, quesadillas, fajitas and wraps.

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We import our chiles directly from farmers in Mexico

We import our chiles directly from farmers in Mexico. Use them to make salsas, seasonings, prepare meats and vegetables, and to give an original touch to your dishes Delivered right to your door.


The quality of the tortilla makes the taco

We deliver every day and all around Europe.


For food service wholesales please send us your inquiry to info@latortilleria.cz

Our flour tortillas are produced fresh every day. We use authentic original recipes, to offer you an original flavour and quality.